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When can I start teach etiquette for my children?
As soon your child starts understand comands they are read to learn, if you yell they yell, if you say thanks they will repeat .This adorable girl learn to say please and thank you using sign language...
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Etiquette is 4 Me - Do I really need to stand when a girl leaves the table?
Big Budah is trying to be polite with all the girls he is dinning, but when you have so many people you just stand for your date or the person that is in your side
The 9 Steps to Raising Polite Children
New York etiquette queen, Lyudmila Bloch, puts little princesses through their paces…”Forbes Life
Does your  child talk back, lie, cheat, manipulate, or have constant fights with you and other family members? Why is school violence escalating?
What is a better indicator of a child’s success in life than grades, sports involvement, extracurricular activities, and even church attendance?  What makes a child extraordinary? And what does etiquette have to do with any of this?
According to Rosemary Carroll, coauthor of the book The Golden Rules of Etiquette at The Plaza,
 "Learning and practicing good etiquette will have a profoundly positive effect on your child’s personality development. "By teaching your child a consistent code of behavior and basic principals of etiquette, you’ll prepare him or her for success in life."
Respect, kindness, honesty, self-esteem, thoughtfulness, trust,responsibility and accountability (all building blocks of character education) will serve as a solid character-foundation throughout your child’s life.

 Etiquette 4 kids program
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